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Traffic Management System
Contributed By: Zippinder On Tuesday, January 07, 2014 - Views: 3993


Traffic Management System will modulate strategies used to manage traffic on basis of modulation of traffic on road.


Imagine - a system is built for 10 people and suddenly - a hike or deficiency occurs. At that point - system seems like its not upto our requirements.

Same thing occurs, to traffic management system - during hike or defficiency of traffic - vehicles have to wait a lot and best possible traffic management algorithm is not followed.

How to resolve it:-
By analyzing traffic and modulating strategies / timings etc.

How to analyze traffic:- 
Using Sensors - IR, Proximity, Frequency etc.

What to modulate:-
Waiting time, Strategies followed, Algorithms etc.

Tools Required:-
Programming environment, Electronics components etc.

Programming (C / ASM), Microcontroller, Sensors etc.


Scope:- This project have lot of scope due to hike in traffic everyday on streets of this modern era. Time:- Approx 1-2 months Cost:- Electronics Components (not too much expensive)


1-2 months


Traffic Management Algorithms
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Embedded C Programming